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    Recently I had some issues with Preware so I went ahead and ran the latest WebOS 1.4.5 doctor for Sprint. My assumption was that this would fully format the device to stock bone settings but I was wrong. I still had my mp3s, pics, and movies still in the device. Also my WebOS still has some issues and bugs lurking around after the doctor albeit working..

    What is the best method to fully format my unit and bring it back to stock bone settings?? (This would include killing all my files and downloads as well).

    Thank you ahead of time.
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    open the app on page 3 of the launcher called "Device Info" and scroll down to reset options.
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    i jx wanted to format or clean the irregular stuff from my phone thn i format it through full erase option after that it is not able working at all, its all hardware including power button is working right now.
    what would be the best way to resolve the problem .?

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