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    I've had a very peculiar phenomenon happen lately on two separate occasions. I have been using my phone, which was charged somewhere between 20-50% each time, and suddenly, the phone drops to 0% power, and I get an alert saying the phone will be shutting off very soon. The first time this happened, the phone did actually shut off; the second time, I got it to a charger before that happened.

    I am running webOS 1.4.5 on a Sprint Pixi. I was not running any apps when this happened.

    Any ideas on how I can prevent this from happening?
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    sounds like the battery may be defective.
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    get the app called dr battery and see what it says about the health of your battery. it is a sign of wear that it drains more rapidly at then end of the charge.
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    I had similar situation. It was an app causing the problem. I sent an e-mail with an attachment. It wasn't connecting to the server. After 10 minutes it finally sent, but dropped the battery from 64% to 38% & the phone got really hot. It was really weird. Hasn't happened since.

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