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    I recently doctored my Pixi+ and now, I can't connect to my GChat account !
    The little spinning button "Connection in progress" stays like it. I waited for about 20 minutes and it won't connect me

    I have a bunch of patches installed, but no one touches the Messaging app except the Timestamp one, but the connection didn't work before I installed Preware too.

    I checked my email and password, they're good. It worked before I doctored my phone.

    Ha, my carrier is SFR, I live in France and I'm connected to Wifi.

    Thank you in advance (and I apologize for my poor English, I'm french and 14 ),
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    There is another post with the answer to this, search for google talk or gtalk, and you should be able to find more. (I can't post the link since I don't have enough posts)

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