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    Hey guys,

    I have a Sprint Pixi, and today I started downloading the update to 1.4.5. I noticed that while downloading it, any apps that required an internet connection either worked very slowly or didn't work at all. Anyway, now my phone is stuck on a black screen with a gray circle in the middle, and it's been that way for about two hours. Should I be concerned that something bad happened to my phone, or does it typically take a long time for the phone to get out of this state? This is my first update on Pixi, so I don't know for sure.
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    Are you or do you have a strong 3g signal where you are? Since it's a Sprint Pixi (no wifi) the download speed depends on your data connection. Two hours is kinda long. Look @ the circle on the outer edges of it is a sorta progress bar type. Starting @ th 12 o'clock position and moving clockwise it should have a white to greyish fill in around the outside of the circle. See if it's showing in progress every 10-15min or so.
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    if your on just a 1x EVDO it will take.... lol... awhile
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    It was on 1x most of the time, but the update is finished now after several hours of waiting... Thanks guys.

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