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    Hi guys!
    i really want to go buy a palm pixi plus. I don't have the money to pay for a data plan though. Would I be able to use the internet browser without the data plan and just the wifi? what about apps such as email? Will i be able to use those? Or is it like theblackberry system where you can't do anything without a data plan?

    thanks so much for the help !
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    Yes, you can do all things with wifi. Not like blackberry that will crippled the wifi without BIS full service.

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    yay! thank you so much wynet !
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    I got an ATT pixi+ w/$15 month data plan. 200mb but I'm by wifi all the time. Most I've used is 50mb.
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    Yeah, it sounds like Pezman's plan seems the most right. It isn't too expensive but if you need internet on the go then you should be good.
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    ok. so i've been doing some reading and it seems like i need data for the inital setup, right? I"m buying an unlocked pixi and i'm not going to be using it on At&T, so is it the same thing? do i need to get the data plan anyway if only for a second? if so, i'm guessing i can just get a friend's at&t sim card, right?
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    please please help ! :/
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    it's true. data is required for the first setup. after that everything can be done on wifi. make sure to install patches and homebrew to fully dissable the non-wifi data tho.
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    actually, you don't need patches to disable data. (though they do make it a lot easier.) you can just go into the phone, hit the preferences menu at the top left of the touchscreen and turn the data off in there. That's what I used to do...until I got the patch that added it to my topbar menu next to the wifi. I leave my data off all the time during the week...really the only time I don't have data is when I'm driving between work and home, and I don't need it then anyway.

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