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    I installed preware long time ago on my phone but i found out i could not overclock the pixi because there was no development back then. now that i can overclock it, it wont let me install preware again and I know for sure the developer mode is on. on top of that novacom wont install because i don't have the cd for it? is there anyway to get preware on my pixi again? and where do i go from there?
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    make sure you are using a palm-branded cable (just to be sure) and restart the phone comoletely before connecting to the computer. While they are disconnected, restart the computer, too.

    also, try a different usb port.
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    Open WOSQI and install the novacom drivers from there (File > Options). Then plug in the phone.
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    where can I find these novacom drivers? it seems to pop up whenever the phone is in developer mode and i plug it in via palm branded usb cable but i dont have the "cd" or whatever to finish the install.
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    nevermind i got it to work by clicking file on webos quick install and selecting options/install novacom and i restarted my computer a couple times with the phone hooked up.

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