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    I just got a brand new Pixi (Sprint) on Thursday and love it- I've never had a smart phone and I'm just thrilled. However, the phone keeps restarting itself, and I'm not sure why! It's not low on batteries or anything, and I haven't downloaded anything but official Palm apps. As I'm writing this post it just did it again! The "palm" logo flashes for about 3 minutes and then it comes back on, completely normal. I've done some research on the internet, and there was something mentioned about loose batteries causing the problem, but I'm not sure that's my issue because it's not turning off- just restarting. Any advice? Thanks!

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    Hmm, have you tried a battery pull? See if that might help. If it doesn't and since it's just a brand new phone, might want to try a hard reset to clear out the memory. Hopefully others can help out with that

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    This happened to me until I did a battery pull. I took it out for about 5 minutes then turned it back on. It fixed the problem for me.
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    I tried a battery pull later that night as well and it worked fine for the rest of the night. Yesterday I took it to the Sprint store and an employee did a hard reset for me. I mention to him that I heard online that some people were replacing batteries to try and fix a similar problem and he gave me a new battery as well. So far so good, I haven't had to try sticking the new battery in yet. And he said if I had more problems to bring the phone in and they would give me a new one.
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    My wife has been complaining that her phone was restarting (luna restart I believe, not a full reboot) lately. I happened across this thread and did a battery pull earlier.. Hopefully they will stop.
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    So far so good since the battery pull and hard reset!
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    Mine just randomly restarted in the middle of a text. first time since i wiped and redid my phone. It only seems to have happened since 1.4.5. Anybody know why? i had 0 probs on
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    My wife's phone has been doing this too. We tried taking it to best buy to see if they could do anything to help (yeah right) but since she had insisted on paying for the extended warranty from Best Buy I figured it was worth a shot.

    When we got to the counter and explained the issue the Geek asked us to replicate the problem... at which point I slowly and using smaller words than the first time repeated the issue that the phone RANDOMLY restarts it's self. He said the other option is that they could send it away to be looked at since we could not replicate the problem for him on demand and we would get it back in 2~3 weeks either repaired or they would at that time send us a refurb

    That was pretty much the answer I expected them to give us so we told him "nevermind" and left. I have tried pulling the battery and doing resets of various degrees but have not doctored it yet. It was hard enough prying it out of her hands just long enough to install a preware let alone for the the time it would take to doctor it and reinstall everything. I guess the next step will be to try and doctor it while she is sleeping or something, but I just wanted you all to know you are not alone with this issue and I hope something can be found that resolves it once and for all.
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    you might have a small gap just wide enough where the battery moves just enough for it to lose connect and restart when the battery moves back in place

    (I had the same problem with my phone it would reset in my cargo shorts pocket because it moved a lot or it even reset sitting on my car seat beacuse of the vibration)

    try folding a small piece of paper and wedging it with the battery and case securing
    the battery more preventing it from moving

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    yeah my old was doing this so i went to sprint and got a new one cause ive got insurance
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    i am not sure the problem is relative to ROM

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