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    I am a brand new Pixi owner....jeesh it was a tough decision, I either wanted the Hero or the Pre...ended up with the Pixi bc the Hero is just outdated, pre well I would have loved it but I read how easy the slider breaks...hence the Pixi. This is my first ever smartphone, I owned a Verizon LG Voyageur (horrible phone) and now I am with Sprint.
    I really like this forum, I am learning alot.
    I do need some advice: can someone point me to some pointers on making my Pixi the best phone possible? I am open to any kind of tweaking, but I am new to apps and smartphones in general, but I want to learn it all. If anyone could refer me to some links that would be awesome.
    I have not even opened it yet, it is waiting for me at home, freshly delivered and untouched...cant wait!
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    welcome! Read the 'getting started' thread pinned to the pixi subforum, and then get preware. Your new addiction awaits!
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    if you have a certain kind of app then we can help.
    ex. Podcasting app = drpodder
    ex. Twitter = badkitty, tweed, twee
    ex. Craigslist = zensearch

    enjoy the best webos phone made!
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    Welcome. I think you made the right choice. How's it going, now that it's been a couple days?

    I've had my Pixi+ since last week, and like it more each day. Right now for apps I have DrPodder, Radiotime, Aniweather, WebOSRoundup, Angry Birds, Paratrooper and ILoveHomebrew, and I plan to purchase NewsRoom and some others today.
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    For tweaks make sure you look into preware. Excuse the short post but I'm testing "forums beta" on your thread.

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