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    i have recently purchased a Palm Pixi and this is the first "smart phone" so please bear with me.

    I have this on "pay as you go" - however since purchased, it seems to be automatically connecting itself to the internet - i havent "knowingly" set this up to happen. As such, it has used over 40 of credit since Saturday!

    I have tried to call 02 however, as good as they are, they cant assist! Also, cant get in to see a 02 Guru until the weekend, but really need this sorted asap, as the phone keeps texting me to tell me i need credit to access the internet (hence why I think it is set up to automatically connect)

    I realise this is a real basic question, so please accept my apologies! Am sure I will have many more once i can actually start accessing apps etc!

    Many thanks in advance
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    Basic answer - you need to turn off the data connection

    webOS does many data centric operations in the back ground: phone backup, sending data to palm, sending data to Google, checking for updates, checking for mail, updating applications.....

    From the preferences in the phone app you should be able to toggle of the data.
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    quick system tasks - beta is an excellent app to help you control stf like data, wifi, everything. I believe it's in preware.
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