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    codecrumb (Twitter: @warthogkernel) is leading the charge on this effort.

    We need donations so that we can buy test Pixi devices so that we can find the stable boundaries of this breakthrough. or PayPal to donations @

    We thank and give full credit to @getitnowmarket from the Android community for supplying the key information required for Pixi overclocking.

    Update: Thanks to the generosity of the community, we have now purchased enough Pixi's to start stabilising the Pixi overclocking. But feel free to send donations anyway

    -- Rod
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    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    I knew the day would finally come, only it's been months since I dumped my Pixi for a Pre. Thank you webos-internals and everyone involved.
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    Nice! Time to put my mom's Pixi Plus to some real work!
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    this should be front page news! Look forward to the precentral podcast tomorrow!
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    GJ to all, this makes me excited! I tried the kernel image on my 1.4.5 Sprint Pixi and it made the UI very clunky..note I believe the image is only for 1.4.3. ATT pixi's currently, so this could explain the UI clunkiness. But programs opened nearly 1.5x as fast as before!

    Cant wait to see this on 1.4.5 Sprint Pixi's woot!
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    will be donating as soon as funds are available! wonder how fast we can get the pixi?!
    verizon pre 2 - 2.0, stock
    verizon pre plus - 1.4.5 various patches OC'd 1Ghz.
    verizon pixi plus - various patches, OC'd 800 mhz.
    verizon pixi plus - chillin in my sock drawer
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    Awesome... I've chipped in too
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    Sent a few bucks your way!
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    Great job guys donation on its way. My 3 kids all have pixis (great kid phone by the way)
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    34 degrees

    Liking the temperature @ 800 MHz ........
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    Donated $100
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    Glad to pitch in.
    Sprint Franken-Pre 2
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    Thanks for the donations, certainly helps with getting hardware for testing.

    In other news, since webOS 1.4.5 came out for ATT tonight, I was able to compile a 1.4.5 version of the overclock kernel to test.

    Suffice to say, Angry Birds Lite works just fine. Nice and fast. So no issues (for me) with PDK apps.
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    awesome I have a pre and my wife has a pixi and neither of us are scared to test so if you want show me to the kernel please, lol. She wants some speed on that pixi so bad!
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    This is great. Sending a donation as soon as my damn wages come in... seriously, how do they manage to send them to a bank account I've told them three times over the last year does no longer exist? argh... </rant>

    My girlfriend might appreciate the heck out of this when it's 'safe' on the level of our known-good UberKernel.

    I realize that this is just making its first baby steps - but just out of early curiosity, would you say that the difference between a Pixi running 600 and 800 is about the same as the one between a Pre running 600 and 800? Better or worse?
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    Great ! Waiting for O2 GSM 1.45 version ! There' re so much that kind devices in my country , lots of people need overclock on Pixi .
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    I"m so excited for this, I've been searching since I got my pixi, I'm very interested in testing, I have my pre up to 1ghz but I love the pixi I cant wait to get some OC on it!
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    anyone know an easier way to test this besides membooting? Maybe installing through webos quick install?
    thanks so much
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