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    @bassman97: easier solution for enlarging the swap. No more need to alter the physical swap:

    - add a 200MB ramzswap disk with priority -2

    It takes no RAM because it's never used. It is just there to cheat the kernel a high total swap value for its calculations.

    update: priority must be -2

    Quote Originally Posted by antiheroe View Post

    I installed uberkernel (it seems to be 1.4.5-178) from preware.
    And Govnah.

    It is working fine at 749 MHz.

    After the installation of uberkernel (and some patches) my Pixi+ started asking to update my WebOs to 1.4.5

    Of course, it came with WebOs 1.4.5 by default.
    In nags me and it dows not let me update any other application as it keeps asking to update webos first.

    What should I do?
    Why not engage the update process? I suppose it will skip everything and change nothing. Then you can try again to update your apps.

    btw are you talking about updating the Maps app? This one is special because it also includes a system update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyer61 View Post
    I personally think 800MhZ is enough.

    Think of it this way, the faster you engine in your car rotates, the more power it can make. But it reaches a point where it peaks, and anything past that point will do nothing but hurt your car. IE: blow it up.

    I think the Pixi has reached that peak, and pushing the underpowered hardware anymore will just cause problems.
    hello everyone, I boght pixi plus recently. What I experienced is it gets heated up on data usage n battery drain is high. N there is lots of lag... can someone suggest me how to overcome this lag n batery pbms? Plzz help
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    Hi everyone!
    i have a palm pixi plus gsm unlocked, and when i tryied to call screen turn of until outwear is a powerfull light, or sun . when is sun the screen turn on.
    can anyone help me\?

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