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    machjeff1985 I'd be careful who you say that too! Lol

    My Sprint Pixi will run 849 Mhz all day long! Sadly I still can't figure out the video/audio lag problems...

    Oh well, whenever I watch a video I just pop open Govnah and swithc to the stock Kernal. Works pretty good!
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    i accidentally droped my pixi in water but it was only the top part of the phone, and it only got wet just a little bit. Now my power button doesn't work at all. But i know it tends to restart my phone out of the blue. Sooo can anyone help me with this? Im thinking that if i was able to disable the power button on my phone i think it will stop restarting by itself. So is their a patch or something like that? My phone restarts like every two mins or so.. Thanks
    I know this is the wrong theard for this.
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    A patch isn't going to be able to fix a hardware problem, if the power button is shorted out or sticking.

    You'll need to find a way to stop it from making the contact that is causing it to reboot your phone. I'm not sure if they are as easy to pop out and repair on the Pixi as they are on the Pre.

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    Ok thanks Ill try to find a way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bleachkon View Post
    Ok thanks Ill try to find a way.
    The same thing happened with my Pre, after it took a bath with me, one night. The button eventually stopped working altogether.

    If you can pop it out, a small piece of rubber band or eraser may fix it. I used the eraser with mine and the power button worked, again and still does.

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    so we are @ 849 now huh? Anyone out there running a Verizon pixi+ try this out yet? What about speed gains? Or is the 849 just to say you did it?
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    Well 835, seems tops for my phone. I Tried 850 and it rebooted after 5mins =( far running 835 couple days no issues.
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    well msm7k running 806 reboots on the touchstone for me. Going to revert back to the preloaded 806 for now. Contemplating the new warthog...
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    Bleachkon try the rice trick. You just put your phone in a bowl of DRY uncooked rice overnight. It soaks up the water and most of the times it works on a wet phone. I've done it with a few of my phones. If you don't believe me check out Youtube.
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    How hot does your device get?
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    mine usually hangs around 30 when I'm on facebook and stuff
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    I've gotten mine up to 50.... not proud of that mind you....
    It was just in my jacket pocket... I noticed it was hot because I went out side in the 12F degree weather and stuck my hand in my pocket and I was like wow... thats kinda nice....oh thats probably not good for the cpu!!!

    Note: the bluetooth, and GPS were on too.... I think it was OC to 787 at the time.

    Mostly when not in my coat pocket I can hover around 40-44 under a load... but usually between 28-32 when idle not on the charger.... it gets hot on the charger. (I don't have a touchstone... yet but with all palm accessories at 50% off at hp store now....I'm seriously thinking about changing that... or at least getting the touchstone back.)
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    ^^^ it's 12 degrees out and your phone got to 50C with just the bluetooth and GPS on?

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    heck mine is around 44 on the touchstone with multiple apps runninf rockin 787mhz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by errbin View Post
    ^^^ it's 12 degrees out and your phone got to 50C with just the bluetooth and GPS on?

    Yeah... I try not to keep it in that coat pocket anymore. On the plus side it is a nice coat... Former employer "uniform" coat. They did the best to keep us blue collar workers from litteraly being blue lol
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    running 849 right and all I can say is WOW. Temp is 42 on the touchstone. Guess we shall see how it runs the rest of the day.
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    Hi all,

    I am trying to install WarthogKernel but I cant. The Log says:
    "Kernel is not compatible with this webOS version, aborting"

    I've got a 1.4.5 GSM (Spanish) Pixi Plus. Comments?
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    are you running uberkernel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradenfontaine View Post
    are you running uberkernel?
    Nope. Should I?
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    I am trying UK now. It works fine @806 MHz. Any idea why is warthogkernel not working? Id like to try @849...

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