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    Tired of hearing my mom complain over her Nokia so I thought I would buy her a Pixi.

    She uses a pay as you go SIM so doesnt want to pay for a data plan. Would it be viable to run a Pixi without data traffic? Im thinking she could do the syncs over wifi to get her Google contacs and other data synced or will the data traffic off setting trigger all sorts of notifications to switch it on again?
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    The Pixi doesn't require a cellular data connection to sync. That said if you turn the data off she will be unable to browse the web, retrieve e-mail and similar tasks unless she is in a WiFi hot spot.

    Data connection warnings will only show up if she does something that requires it. Like trying to browse the web.
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    sprint pixi doesn't have wifi... verizon pixi plus does (doesn't it?)... so you'd have to get the right one
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    ATT Pixi also has Wi-Fi
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    She'll need cellular data for when she first activates her Pixi. Wifi is disabled in the First Use app...
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    One of my kids has a Pixi and the other has my original Pre niether of them has data works fine for them.

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