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    So I broke the screen on my 3rd Pixi Plus. It happened when my phone was in the same pocket as my keys and I laid down on it for a bit. Since the screen is plastic, it just dented, but the digitizer cracked. I'll have to learn to not put anything else in my pocket, but I still want to get a case. The main thing is that I need it to cover the screen. So guess my choices are sleeves, flip ups, or book style. My main concern with those is the stiffness of the face pieces. I need something that would distribute the pressure that would otherwise be put on the screen. I made a sleeve out of some what thick plastic (old vhs hard case), but I've tested it and it would still dent the screen. So I guess I might have to use some sort of relatively thin metal sheet to properly distribute the load since plastic flexes too much.

    Oh and belt holsters are DEFINITELY out of the question.
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    Is this the third time you have broken the screen, or did you just happen to break it on your 3rd Pixi?

    There are the metal cases, but those would be difficult to slide in a pocket, and they don't actually cover the screen:

    MONACO ALUMINUM PALM PIXI PLUS METAL HARD CASE BLACK - eBay (item 350312570876 end time Oct-30-10 17:45:28 PDT)

    It may provide enough stiffness to prevent the screen from cracking, however.

    You could go with a horizontal pouch with a flap on it, and then maybe strengthening it with metal on one or both sides, if necessary: GTMax Universal Black Leather Pouch Cover Case for Palm Pixi / Treo Pro 850: Electronics

    Or a hard pouch: Maximal Power POU-ST-071 Medium StandPouch Nylon Hard Shell Digital Camera Case (Black): Camera & Photo CaseCrown Hard Cover Foam Padded Camera Case (Black) for the Canon PowerShot SX200IS 12 MP Digital Camera: Camera & Photo Flip Mino HD EVA Hard Shell Zipper Pouch Case: Electronics

    Or you could do what I did with my old Motorola Q. Put a ClipHanger on the back of it, and carry it attached to your belt loop rather than in your pocket. Keeps you from sitting on it or putting it in a pocket with keys, and since it hangs from your belt loop, it does not get in the way like wearing a belt-clip case would. Might take a while to get used to the change in routine, but it was definitely worth it with my Q. The only reason I have yet to put on one my Pixi is because of the Touchstone back. But if you're not using the Touchstone back, it's the best way to go, IMO.

    Cliphanger Lets You Hang Your Phone or iPod Anywhere!

    They have stick-on universal versions, or you can get one pre-attached to a hard case.

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