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    So I wake up in the morning and nothing on my pixi touchscreen, no gesture area, no keyboard. the only thing that actually does anything is the power and volume buttons and the mute switch.
    no, i didnt drop it. i rarely drop my phone and would know if i dropped it. i just woke up to it not working from the touchstone
    no, i havent made any significant tweaks to my phone lately (patches, themes, etc).
    yes, i can receive calls/texts/emails but notifications just pile up because i clearly cant access them.
    yes, i just tried doctoring but to no avail my pixi is now stuck on the english/espanol menu...

    this is really worrying me, does anyone have any other suggestions pleaseee?? i just cant go on without my pixi...
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    Have you tried a battery pull to fully reset it? (hard reset)
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    Did you try the battery pull and pressing powerbutton 10-15sec. (without battery)?
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    the battery pull has helped with various issues in the past but i left it out all throughout work yesterday (~7 hrs) and still the same thing. somline, i just tried ur method and nothing...this is really upsetting because ive only had the phone a few months it shouldnt just die on me
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    Then I'm afraid it's a hardware failure. You should contact the shop you got it from.
    You've tried everything I know of.
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    Hope you bought the warranty. Sprint has changed mine out with no hassle when it went bad.
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    Try the free "Palm Chat", talk to a Palm representative online to see what they suggest.
    The link is on this page, scroll down to find it - Palm Support : Palm Pixi for Sprint - Support Services

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    thanks for all the suggestions! ill see what can be done.
    In terms of the warranty, is that the same thing as insurance? of course, i recently canceled my insurance because theres a $100 deductible for a replacement device and i can find pixis/pres for cheaper than that anyway on ebay
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    Palm has a 1 year warranty on their phones. Mine was doing the exact same thing, the back light would come on but nothing else. Got a new one from Palm about a month ago and its been fine so far.
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    thank u all, im getting a new one later this week. it really shows how awesome the palm community is

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