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    Anyone know of a good app that would allow me to write words out with my finger and then the app will put it in as text for like a notepad type deal? If there is any that you've used how well do they work? and would you reccommend or is it a waste of my time?
    I have a pixi, and although i'm very happy with typing on it, i've found myself lately using Kids Paint to help teach my 3 year old his letters, and ontop of the other things i could use such an app for, this would likely be my main usage.
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    Hi Roart,

    Currently there is no handwriting recognition software available for webOS.
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    aww thats a shame. Thanks for responding so quickly.
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    I think better stylus support would be a must for such an app. Hopefully that will be there when the webOS tablet comes out.
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    well i suppose we webos users can stick to what we usually do, and sit back and wait to see what the future brings us.
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    does anyone know if this has changed? I want to use my new touchpad
    at work.
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    Well, there is Tapnote. It is well worth the $1.99.
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    I just checked it out. It doesn't offer hand writing recognition. I really just need a digital notebook that I can handwrite in.
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