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    I have a Pixi on Sprint, and over the past few days I have noticed that texts from a certain person who texts me from a Verizon featurephone have been arriving 30-60 minutes late. I am not sure if this is a sprint issue, or a verizon issue.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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    I know in the past throughout the years I have experienced this with different people on same carrier and different carriers, sometimes theyve been up to a day or 2 late...and the person Im texting and I would be like "***?!?" ...
    Sometimes it would go on for days or other times just one or two text's..

    I think its something that just happens on the network side of things, from time to time..
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    Not me, I would suggest talking to your service provider on this issue. Or it could be the other person phone.
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    I'm pretty sure that it's not the other persons phone, as her phone confirms having sent the text message.

    I figure it's getting stuck either somewhere on verizons servers, sprints servers, or my pixi is so patched to hell that i broke something with sms :-)
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    just for hell of it(cant hurt) go to phone app,drop down menu,prefs,and update network.
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    I can tell you that yesterday I was having the same problem and Im on Verizon. It was only texts coming from Verizon though and not from other carriers so I think it was on Verizons end. Mine seemed to go out fine but in coming texts from others on Verizon were late by up to 30 mins. The problem stopped about 6pm last night and it seems fine today.
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    happens to me all the time with verizon texts - there are multiple posts about it, never is there really any solution .. call either carrier and they tell you its the other carriers issue
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    I have it happen on random occasions. I'm on Sprint. I've also had the reverse, where mine took forever to arrive.

    One night, I was having an important discussion with someone and when he didn't get a response, he thought I was mad at him or trying to stonewall. Suddenly, an hour later, he got flooded all at once with the ones I had been sending. However, all of his arrived to my phone just fine, with no delay.
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    I've seen it to across all types of carriers and all types of phones. Not sure of the exact cause but going to venture a guess at some sort of glitch in the matrix....(dejavu style).
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    seems to be just a verizon to sprint issue right now.

    i just tried texting my work cell and back, which is on att. it went through almost instantly.

    this is mildy annoying... but not palms fault so yay!
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    mine sometimes arrive a few minutes 2 or 3 minutes at the most 6 to 7 minutes...not a big deal...just kinda weird...its mostly when im trying to use preware or while im downloading something off the internet not while using WiFi but im on AT&T
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    There was definitely an issue on the 7th. My wife, on VW sent me some texts, I'm sprint, that I never received until 6 hours later. Her phone showed them as sent when she said she sent them but when we logged into her VW account online, the usage log showed them as sent when I received then. So, definitely on VW's end that night.

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