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    Okay.. I'm new as all h#ll to my palm pixi.

    Cute phone, pain in my *****.

    I just discovered this site and am stoked about all the themes here! I've followed links, read tons of instructions and cannot get a theme downloaded to my phone. I've downloaded the WebOs quick install and keeps telling me device not found. I have installed and uninstalled about 4x's now and am getting REALLY aggravated and am about to give up!

    What am I doing wrong? I have updated java, enabled developer mode and etc..

    My phone is about to be chucked across the room >_<!
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    o_0.. Preware?

    Sorry, this phone is insanely new to me.
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    you need to be in developer mode first. Type '20090606' and tap the icon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by annikakrishna View Post
    o_0.. Preware?

    Sorry, this phone is insanely new to me.
    Open WebOS QuickInstall, click blue arrow down button. Click drop down menu at top and select WebOS Internal Feeds (Pixi). Select Preware from available downloads and click download. Now install. You may need some additional software, if so, it will prompt you to download it as well. Once installed click on Preware icon on your phone and go to town.
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    Thanks guys! I found developer mode and the preware and hit install and cant connect to my device. Says it cant connect.. >_< I will head there next!
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    ok first thing you should probably read up on is this link here:

    This will help you tremendously.

    Another trick is to make sure you are plugged into one of the rear USB ports on your computer....My computer will not recognize the device if I plug into one of my 2 fronts. There is a Forum called Tips, Tricks, (etc) for your Palm Pre...there you will find many different threads on a variety of topics, depending on what you are trying to do, and as you are a brand spanking new user, I'm sure you'll find a lot of things that are helpful, and also you will find things about your phone that you didn't even know about. Hope this gets you in the right direction, but I definately advise on doing a little bit of homework as a lot of questions that you may have will have answers for you there. Good luck
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