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    just wondering what the current consensus is on skinit for the pixi? anyone using it? does it provide any protection like for example, skimoni? thanks!
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    Well, I didn't really like it. I got a free one for the Pre for best buy, and it's not a Skin really, like Skimoni or InvisibleShield. It's literally just a sticker that you put on the phone. I mean, you can peel it off very easily, but the feel/look of it like a sticker. The edges weren't too nice and I did not like the grip I was left with. So, I took it off.

    I mean, it's thick enough that if you dropped the phone, I doubt it would scratch, but it's very ugly.
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    thanks - i really appreciate the feedback! just got my soon to be 15 year old his first cell - and somebody mentioned the skinit. i'll prob get skimoni which i've been very happy with for my pre.

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