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    I have a stupid theme stuck on my phone and i have tried everything to get it off and its still on my pixi so im thinking about just doctoring my phone...what exactly does the doctor wipe out tho?...and will it do anything to my contacts?
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    doctor will put the phone into factory fresh condition, but it won't wipe the usb storage. your contacts are safe as long as they are synced with the account that owns them (google, yahoo, palm profile, etc). everything will sync back to your device once you log in to your newly doctored phone.

    but before you do that, have you tried using QuickInstall to revert to the standard theme? I've seen that work. Also, you can sometimes use preware to remove and then reinstall a theme. after rebooting the phone, you can go back to preware and remove it again. reboot again, and you should be back to normal.

    those two methods generally work, so I'd recommend that you try them before doctoring. using the doctor is safe, but it shouldn't be used until you've tried easier solutions.
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    your contacts should be stored in your Palm profile, or whatever service you use (google, etc)

    The doctor does not touch any of the USB portion of the phone, so music/videos/pictures are all safe.

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    yea i have tried all those and still nothing...and should unistall preware...govnah...uber kernel or anything else before i doctor the phone?
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    if you plan to doctor, it will wipe it all out and set you back to factory fresh. no need to delete anything.

    before yu start, you might want to grab the patch that send all your contacts as an email attachment, just to have that as extra backup.

    you can also backup your apps using the save/restore app in preware.
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    I'd recommend trying the WebOS Repair Utility before a Doctor. It should revert modified files back to stock.
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