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    Hi, I just bought my palm pixi off someone on eBay. The first time I turned it on it went to the screen that says "phone locked - enter pin". Problem is that I don't know the pin or the account thing linked to my phone. Is there anyway to remove that screen completely such as wiping all data from
    Phone ? The guy I bought it from went ghost after I got the phone.

    Thank you.
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    All you should have to do is Doctor that thing - Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals Choose the version you want and go for it.
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    Thank you, I'll try it out when I get home
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    What phone company is the phone contracted to? Ex. Verizon, Sprint, etc.

    Select the pixi and which one applies to you at this link. Palm - webOS Doctor - Select your device . Input your serial number (take the back cover off and the serial number is on a sticker above the battery i believe) and download the webos doctor for that version. When you're done with that and you log into the phone with your palm profile, go to device info and go to reset options. all the way at the bottom select full erase, then secure full erase. This will wipe off the USB drive for you. I believe you will then have to log back into your palm profile and you should be all set with the phone. it will also have the newest version of Palm's webOS on there for you and the link i provided is Palm official. Nothing against the webos internals guys, but i like having the actual palm provided software.
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