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    WAtsup guys, wasnt sure how to search this, couldnt find much.
    BUT, I have a broken screen pixi and the replacement is here soon. i really want to "restart" my palm profile without losing apps (the paid apps), contacts, settings, etc.
    Main reason being my thinking that my PP's data is corrupt as I had some crappy issues with my original pixi before this one with the cracked screen. (all hardware issues, such as freezing, resets, shut offs, dropped calls) - all issues I didnt have until much later with my original pixi, but seemed to carry over to the reconditioned replacement one who's screen is now broken.

    Anyways, would i need to just start a new PP on the new Pixi i get with a new email address?
    I have my current .db3 file saved via webosQI, but i dont want to transfer that to the new email/new PP, thinking it'd still have the corrupted data somewhere on it...

    so, the hellll should i do?! lol. Anybody felt the same way or done the same?

    Also, if i activate the new pixi, will my old one just stay blank or basically with none of the older info? (you know how an unactivated webos phone has that very basic startup screen, will the older deactivated pixi revert back to that look?) I wanted to pull some screens, info, settings off of that one as I use my new fresh one

    Thanks for anything! Love these forums, they keep me lurrrrking.
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    What I would do is load it all onto your new phone (old profile). Get preware on there. Then, download the send contacts through email patch. Send all your contacts through email to your email address. Then save that file onto your computer. Load it up into a gmail account and export it to be used in outlook (if you have it). Then, delete your backup on your phone. This will clear everything out except your applications. So you have a clean profile and dont lose your apps or your contacts. Settings you'll have to redo, but it takes a few minutes, big deal.
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    Hey, lodown3.. No worries.
    I doubt any corrupt file will be transferred onto your new phone. If it's possible to see any application on the device, then go to your back-up application and press backup now, that should sync all your information to your palm profile. On the defective phone you could perfom a clean wipe by doing a (Full Erase) in device menu.

    Once you receive your new device, just sign back into your palm profile..and you'll be good to go. (note) In preware there is a patch called "send all contacts via email" that you might be interested in. It allows you to send all your contacts to your Email Account. In case something goes wrong with your backup server.

    Best of luck. ^_^
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    Thanks guys...both wre my general plan of action.
    I'll attempt both. I already have had my Gmail account syncing my contacts so I'm not so worried about that. I gues it may just be some medai stuff & random settings that i'll forget, as well as Preware apps/patches/etc...

    If i did start a new profile with a different email addresss, would you know if reloading my old db3 file onto the new PalmProfile'd pixi would work??
    As in would my paid apps stay on & b registered under the new pixi, as well as other things that were unique to the email address on my current palm profile...

    basically, has anyone fully reset their device and restarted with a NEW palm profile while retainig/recovering apps & things unique to their old PP...?
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    Yeah, i'm pretty sure the apps get bought under the phone number. You can change the email address your palm profile is under, and i didnt lose my apps i had bought, so i guess thats it. But if you make a new one, i'tll be bare.
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    if your apps don't reload you can always just go load them again for free just find them and tap download .it should say free at the bottom.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Apps are tied to the palm profile. Creating a new palm profile will not bring over any new apps.
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       #8 new profile, equals re-purchasing already purchased apps??
    Or are they tied to the actual phone number...what i'm getting is that its tied to the phone number.

    Also, if I have a new palm profile, but then use WebosQI to load on my old pixi's .db3 file containing everything, will that actually work?? (since my current .db3 file is from my pixi's original palm profile)*

    (I'm curious to this...but I do have the new phone here now and I may just enter the same email and have it pull the same ol palm profile for a while to see if it still "feels buggy/sluggish". If so, then start the new palm profile to see what happens.)

    Thanks again PC

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