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    hey everyone.

    it seems to me that every since 1.4.5 my pixi has had about have the battery life that it did before. I used to be able to get a full day from a full charge. Now I have to charge it at least twice a day. I've barely used my phone today. I woke up at noon and it's already down to 64% has anyone else had this problem?
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    first stop is to get the app called Dr Battery so you cam check the health of your battery.
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    check your facebook. For some reason it defaults to notifications every 20 mins after the update
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    With every update we get a ton of these complaints, most however are related to user error, some even being from a user updating with a theme still installed or non-AUPT patches installed.

    Worker is right though could just be your battery.

    Last option would be to use the Emergency Patch Recovery Tool (if you have patches installed) or Dr. it and see if you have marked improvement.

    Keep in mind though batteries are highly affected by signal strength, if you haven't updated your PRL or a tower is under maintenance there can be major degrade in battery from this.
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    Here read this first: Check your batt, then check if you have anything like any apps running in the backgrund, that would contribute to consuming more batt power than usual.
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    I can't remember EVER having good battery life from Pre 1, Day 1. Overclocking, patches, web browsing, app downloading, mp3 playing, animations have been the trade off for me. I just make a point of having it plugged in all the time, either at home or in my work truck.
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    Amazon has new oem batteries for $8 w/free shipping. Might be worth a shot to try another battery.

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