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    I've has my pixi plus for 4 months now and didnt have this problem until a few days ago. I pulled up my sms preferences, and saw the avatar button, so I chose an avatar(basically just a picture from your phone album). I chose a pic, and that was it. Now my text messaging is a mess.
    * Its extremely slow to do anything: text, enter a picture, etc.
    * I basically cant scroll through an applicants texts.
    * I cant get rid of the avatar(in an actual sms message..its in the little box on the bottom right corner)

    In a nutshell...every aspect the text messaging capabilities are so slow that I can barely use it, however, I can receive and send texts(although I may be receiving them late, but I'm not totally positive on that). I also cannot get rid of the avatar. If you havent set up the avatar, that little box on the bottom right is empty...mine has a tiny little picture in it. Every other portion of my phone works perfectly. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    I say doctor it. Are all of your contacts, calendar events and whatever else safe on your profile or on a google, yahoo or other account? Your USB drive won't be touched so you won't lose pictures and such.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    You could run Emergency Patch Recovery(EPR) in preware. Or run a webos doctor as forum member SuzukiGS750EZ has suggested.

    best of luck. :-D

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