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    Ok, not really but just a few seconds ago my Pixi was going a little crazy. It was unlocked and I noticed the screen was still on (usually turns off/dims at around ~30 seconds). So I looked at it for a few more seconds then watched how it opened the phone app all by itself. Mind you that I am not touching it at all nor am I thinking about calling someone (so that rules out my telepathic abilities). I continue to watch as it then proceeded to dial my voice mail. That's when I picked it up and decided to turn off the screen.

    Not sure what was going on, probably just a fluke, but I would like to know what was going on. Oh and not sure if it matters, but I have Zagg's screen protector on it.

    I've tried to duplicate it while typing this up but nothing has happened.
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    was it on touchstone?
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Keep away from me ✝
    Maybe you can find something in the logfile /var/log/messages ?
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    this happened to my pixi a few days ago as well. it was on the touchstone, and it was randomly opening apps and calling people.

    it was on the touchstone all night, so it had a full charge. i got up in the morning and without taking it off the touchstone i dismissed the usual exchange to-do list reminder that comes up every night at midnight (super annoying). then i went to shower, and when i came back the pixi was behaving as described above. i took it off the touchstone, pressed the power botton twice (to turn the screen off and on) and it was all better.

    very off, but since this has only happened i'm going to chalk it up to a rare bug.
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    It wasn't on the touchstone when this happened. It might of had something to do with playing Rednecks vs Aliens for quite a bit the night before.
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    Happened to my pixi too a few days ago as well.

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