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    Preware seems to work fine, but for available packages it only shows 1494. I owned a pre a few months back and i know for sure preware was well over 1500 apps and themes and all that.
    and in the themes directory, it only shows 13 of them and they're not even themes. I have no idea what went wrong. can anyone help, or has had this problem?
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    sorry, im on webos 1.4.5
    webos quickinstall 3.14
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    You're probably missing some of the feeds like Precentral Themes...gotta go to Preware's Manage Feeds option, and then turn on the ones that are turned off...this will make the initial load time of Preware take longer since it has to search through new feeds you probably had disabled...the palm catalog feed usually takes the longest so I keep that one disabled(these are usually the apps found in the official App Catalog anyway)

    Update: Sorry, the Preware menu is in the top left corner when you hit the Preware name with the tiny arrow next to it.
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    Thanks a lot Solen! Always something so simple.

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