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    You can overclock the Pixi, just not very much. It is limited to a max of 600MHz, while stock is 500MHz. The kernel is available via preware. I have it installed on the Pixi that I am using.

    Another additional thing you could do to speed up your Pixi (and Pre) is to install the minimal logging patch too. Just that one patch can make a significant difference in the usability of WebOS. The lagging is a LOT LESS noticable, making the phone smooth as butter (especially with the Pre oc'd over 700).
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    No theres no overclock for the Pixi, it ships running 600 Mhz. I've owned a Sprint Hero and 2 Pres and we've had 3 Pixi's and every iPhone but the new one. I've also owned a Nexus One on AT&T and had a new Captivate for a month. Truth be told the Pixi (which I am forced to use now due to losing my job and selling my Captivate) just isn't that could be but it lags and slows down (even with uberkernal and compcache on) I've owned a Motorola Backflip and I'd kill to have it back now (but I gave it to my GF's daughter sadly). Webos is amazing and it could easily be where IOS and Android are right now if it weren't for lack of carrier support. I blame Verizon and AT&T mostly because they have their own agendas with Android and the iPhone. All that being said...I LOVE the keyboard on my Pixi and I've made up my mind I'll never be without a physical qwerty again. After owning the N1 and Hero (both HTC junk with terrible touchscreens they refused to acknowledge) I'm grateful for what I have, but I really miss overclocking and custom roms and 85,000+ apps to fool with...not to mention I'm on AT&T and we haven't gotten the 1.4.5 update yet. I will say as far as having the support of other users and developers.....I'm not impressed with the Palm community at all and I make statements here...I don't ask questions for fear of the trolls running off with my self esteem and last little bit of dignity. Xda just has a much larger group of users and developers and you never have to worry about the nasties if you just do some reading. I'd rather have my Pixi than the Hero anyways because we text a lot as a family and the Hero was useless and frustrating. Everyone can crack on the Backflip all you want but its MUCH faster and more useful than the Pixi and has a decent keyboard and MUCH better camera and fairly good battery life....I get sick of seeing people bash it when they've never used it or couldn't understand how to use it (root it and delete the AT&T bloatware and use a homescreen replacement and its better than my Hero ever was). Just my $.2, I'm sure I'll get flamed and I expect nothing less.
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    Right now the Pixi is free from the Sprint Website if price is a factor.

    I've had my Pixi for two days...and I love it it! I am coming from an original rumor messaging phone, so I can't compare speeds.

    But the screen if big enough for me and texting is a breeze. I love not having to slide the keyboard in and out.

    And once again, you can't be a free phone that is awesome as the Pixi!
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    I have a Pixi and I love it. I rarely have any lag with the device. The web browser is very snappy. Overall, I think it a great phone. The only gripe that I have is that I always have to zoom in on web pages, I wish that there was a way to set the default zoom level.
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    just wait, the new pre 2 is on the way
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    Don't do it the Pixi is not a good phone. It has many bugs and i hate mine i have been a long time palm user and im about to jump ship after playing with my friends droid 2. You have to tweak the crap out of it just to run normal and i wouldn't waste the time on it until they fix all the bugs and come out with a new phone.
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    I just traded my Hero in for the Pixi a week ago. I absolutely love the Pixi. I would never go back to the hero. My main purposes for a phone are texting, emailing, and talking....the pixi does all of these things wonderfully. Of course you can also get on the web, download apps, and play games...which so far I have been more than pleased with, but again, these aren't deal breakers for me. I have a computer and a PS3 for those things. My favorite aspect of the pixi is the form. It is so small. It comfortably fits in my pocket (either shirt or pants). The keyboard is remarkably easy to use. I do wish there was a spell check.

    All this talk of a "pre 2" is great, but I wish there was news of a Pixi 2. Or at least wish sprint would get pixi plus.

    I am 100% sold on web os though. Much prefer it than android. I wouldn't get too caught up in app count. quality apps are the key....not quantity. Because of the pixi I am really looking forward to the palm pad.
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    The Droid2 Kicks *** and it has Flash!!!!

    Cool phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devolution View Post

    All this talk of a "pre 2" is great, but I wish there was news of a Pixi 2. Or at least wish sprint would get pixi plus.
    Check the front page, new news on Pixi2. Hope they change the name but keep the form factor. Maybe the Pixill. I'll be happy if i can use my touchstones with the new thing.
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    The Pixi is the best phone out there right now. I'm not a fan of these monster phones that they are going with these days. My friend at work has a Driod X and I think it its just stupid how big it is.

    Pixi does everything every other phone does without weighing down or filling your pocket. I like to leave mine in my shirt pocket when I'm listening to it with headphones.

    If you are looking for a smartphone with a small foot print, Pixi is the way to go. If you enjoy having PSP game boxes in your pocket, then go with any number of stupid Driod phone thats out there.

    Give me 1 GHZ and 512MB ram but keep it very close to same size, cram the keyboard down a little and add 1/2 to 1 inch to the screen, and we have a winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devolution View Post
    quality apps are the key....not quantity.
    This is why I am much happier with WebOS than with I was with Android. Love the WebOS App Catalog, and the Pixi is my favorite phone so far because of its size, keyboard and one-piece construction.
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    another rason to go for the pixi is because its looking like a small OC is going to be a reality in the near future!!
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    I have gone through three different Android apps! HTC Tilt Running Froyo, G1 running Froyo, and an HTC Aria. Love Android but webOS just blows my mind. Much better at multitasking than any other phone I have had.. I only have the pixiplus and have only played around with the pre. As far as uptime over days without restarting the Pixi has Android beat. I was constantly restarting on a daley basis with different and android modded roms. I only got the Pixi Plus cuz it was free on upgrade and I was gonna sell it but after what I found on this site, I just can't give it up..
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    I have a pixi in excellent condition that I would be willing to trade for a Hero. PM me if your interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tailsthecat3 View Post
    I have an htc hero that i just dont really like. its not bad but lately its been ****ing me off. the .7sw update is fantastic and ive used about every rom tahts available. Lets get to the goods: Ive always liked the pixi's form factor and im reading a lot of good things about webOS. could you please inform me; what would i be losing and/or gaining by switching(straight trade) from the hero to the pixi? please provide factual answers and after that...ill read your opinions. im going to do some more research on the pixi. thank you thank you
    hello, are u still thinking of trading ur hero for a pre? if so i am interested
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    I'd say pixi is better then hero. I here ts laggy, and unresponsive and the virtual keyboards suc on the smaller screen android phones. Love physical keyboards!
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    get the pixi, webos with preware is heaven
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    I used to have a htc touch pro, and although i miss the feeling winMo gave me, of having a full pc in my pocket. I really love my pixi. The lag is easily bearable and I love all of the synergy features. The small screen doesn't really bother me. My only complaint is that the "enter" button is next to the "backspace" button, so that it is very easy to send a message instead of deleting a character. You mentioned that you would been sacrificing wifi but the pixi plus now has wifi support in it. I have never used a hero but I was considering getting a blackberry instead and I'm really glad that I didn't. Hope this helps =)
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