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    The switch that controls whether my phone is in silent or ringtone mode broke off, so it's stuck in silent mode right now. Is there any homebrew app that can control the volume/silence mode without the switch?
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    is thereany way you can switch it with a screwdriver or pin or something? Then when you want it to be quiet you can just turn the volume down. take the pixi back off and see what you can do with the switch exposed with no case on.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    unfortunately i have tried that, but the switch won't seem to move. :/

    does anyone have other ideas?
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    I have a new pixi on its way to me due to the switch on mine being very loose. It won't stay in one position or the other. This will be my 4th replacement pixi lol. The first replacement the camera stopped working properly, the second one had major earpiece speaker problems and this one the switch is looser than a kids tooth and won't stay in place. I'm hoping, with fingers crossed that this one they are sending me doesn't have any problems at all cause this is getting irritating!

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