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    My girlfriends palm pixi plus isn't being used right now. She switched back to her samsung rogue because her pixi was giving her issues. I sorted out the issues and now i want to see if i can get her to use it again :-). The problem is, i want to setup the phone (preware, pictures, contacts and such) before we activate it to make sure that i got it right! Is there a way that i can sign into her palm profile and set the whole thing up without activating her phone number on the phone itself? So if she wants to switch back all we have to do is *228 and reactivate it (it's a verizon phone).
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    did you check out metadoctor, and the methods the developers use?
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    I've heard of it but don't know if it's the right choice for me. What do you guys think?
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    Meta Dr is the best way but you can do this.
    Developing on an Unactivated Device - Palm Developer Center

    With Meta Dr. you create your own Dr version w/ the ability to bypass the first use screen as well as per install PreWare, Enable Dev Mode, Enable Test Feeds automatically.

    The only drawback is that you have to create the Meta Dr. in linux. If you are good w/ that, its the best way.
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    thank you for your nice support

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