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    I had a Pixi Plus ATT unlocked and using in my country...

    I can't see or using Data Roaming in my country?

    Maybe it's need unlock or Activate?

    Anybody have me please....!
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    Did you have it with a cell carrier? If not, it will only work on WiFI.

    Some companies also don't support data roaming.

    You'll probably get more help if you post more details, since we can only guess what country you may be in.
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    anybody know when Sprint will do 4G with palm pixi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikepalmpre View Post
    anybody know when Sprint will do 4G with palm pixi?
    I doubt that will ever happen. I don't even think HP|Palm ~ is going to make anymore phone as small as the Pixi.
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    I believe data roaming is turned off by default.

    Go into the phone app then swipe down on the menu and select preferences. Scroll down to the section called Network and enable the Data Roaming option.

    Hope that helps.
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