Hi to all. I need some advise please. I have a 3 week old Sprint Pixi that I love dearly and I have always used Palm and Palm OS products (Sony Clie, Treo 650, Centro, now Pixi). Everything works fine on my device except when I run full screen graphic intensive apps. When I open these kinds of apps the screen shows all these corrupted colors on the screen, here are some screenshots so you know what I mean:

I have a lot of apps and patches installed, so instead of looking for a problem I went ahead and doctored the device and started clean. Upon installing these apps again I had the same issues. I installed Dr Battery, Uber Kernel and Govnah to try to determine some pointers on hardware malfunction and found out that when I set a performance profile staying at 600MHz and run these apps, the problem is gone, however using the Default Palm Profile or any lower than 600MHz CPU frequencies the screen problem persists. What do you all think? Anybody else experiencing this? Is my Pixi a lemon? Should I try to request a warranty replacement? My brother and my mom also have Pixies and when they run these kinds of apps they show fine.