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    On my first day of the Palm Pixie, I used Google to find a certain location. It worked wonderfully and I got all of the information I needed. But a while later, when I was playing around and looking at all the features, I found that a PDF had been downloaded with directions to this location. I cannot delete it. It's no big deal that it is there, but I know that I will not need this information and I would like to know how to get rid of it.
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    Internalz: /media/internal/ (scroll to bottom of list).

    If you downloaded it from your phone, from Internalz program: /media/internal/downloads/

    Just tap select delete.
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    Nice tip.

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    Hooray for Internalz !
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    Quote Originally Posted by drew956 View Post
    i cant do it as well
    Do what? :/
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    I guess we should've been more specific with the options. You can delete any files from the USB partition if you connect your pixi to your PC and delete the offending file through explorer. If you have preware installed (you should if you haven't! heh) you can install the app Internalz, which is a file manager for WebOS.
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    yes, internalz rules. But a user without it can't delete pdfs from the phone? Crappy. So usb or internalz, otherwise pdfs keep piling up in your phone. Great job palm.

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    you meen to say I can`t delet my pdf on my pom pixi?
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    Files can be deleted from a Palm Pixi by at least 3 different methods:
    1. Connect Pixi to a computer via USB cable > Open exposed /media/internal/ partition on the computer to select files for deletion
    2. Install the free webOS file manager "Internalz" via Preware and use that to explore the /media/internal/ partition to find and delete files
    3. Delete ALL files in the /media/internal/ partition by using the "Device Info" app already on the Pixi: Device Info > Reset Options > Erase USB Drive
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