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    so i got the my tether app and i cant pick up if from the laptop some one help
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    My tether is not a great app. What do you need help with? when you plug your phone into your computer and hit just charge, it should install a driver (or try to) open my tether and if you are using usb enable usbnet, next right click computer and go to properties, then hit device manager, find your phone under network adapters, should be Remote DNIS based internet sharing device, right click it and hit update driver software, then select browse my computer for software on the bottom, then hit let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer, let it load, and scroll down on the left and select Microsoft Corporation (not just Microsoft!) on the right select remote DNIS based internet sharing device, then hit next (do NOT hit have disk) and then it should install the right driver for it. let me know what else it says or problems, Cole
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