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    I'm from east Europe,so no Palm phones for me via regular channels. I have German O2 Pre, but I want to buy Pixi+ too. My friend is in a US on business trip, and he could buy Pixi+ for me. He visited few AT&T stores in NY, but didn't see any Pixi+ on the shelve, he was in hurry and didn't have time to ask salesman for it. Pixi+ is listed on AT&T homepage for $220 (about 170eur)without a contract, but as I understood, only for AT&T subscribers (no prepaid subscribers). So, is there any Pixi+ in AT&T stores in NY and San Francisco (he will go there next week) or AT&T is selling it only over the net? And, more important, is there a way for a foreigner to buy a Pixi+ from AT&T (or any other phone) without buying a plan? Are they strict, or it could be negotiated
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    You can buy them in the U.S. without a plan, but you'll have to pay full price for the phone.

    They are much cheaper on Ebay.
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