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    My pixi broke and i am trying to get my pictures and videos off before my phone is replace. Sprint said they are replacing it for free under warranty, but i want to get the pictures, then DELETE them. However the screen is unresponsive and as a result i cant hit the "usb mode" screen button.

    Is there a physical key shortcut to put it in usb mode or something i can do? Does the profile backup backup pictures? Please help, sprint needs the phone tomorrow!!

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    Hold down all three of these buttons at one time ( the orange key , sym key and U ) ... Hold down all three at once and it puts it on usb mode...
    Also you can try powering off the phone (or pull the battery out real quick) then while holding the Up volume button and then plug it into a usb wall charger must be plugged in wall , then unplug and immediately plug back into a computer usb cable
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    perfect, Orange-Symbol-U. THANKS.

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