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    i'm trying to put a theme onto my pixi. i was reading the how to on the site and when i got to the part where you click on themer i did and it looks different. i cant figure out how to install a theme onto my phone. can someone please help. on the left it says current theme and it says its the original one. on the right it says available themes and i cant get anything to be available.
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    It is easiest to install and remove themes with Preware. If you don't have it, you can get it here:
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    As vza33 states... use Preware instead as this is the very best way to now install Themes. Once you install Preware, start up the app and bring down the menu in the upper left corner and select "Manage Feeds". Scroll down and turn the "precentral-themes" and "prethemer" feeds on (they are defaulted to the 'off' position). Then once your feeds are updated, you will see the themes under available packages/theme.

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