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    Hey, I got a question!
    My teenage daughter was messing with my phone yesterday and decided to take a look into Internalz and mess with things! Yipee!
    i have a Sprint Palm Pixi, and under the folder /media/internal/.sysservice/ there is a file called 'token'. Well, she deleted it and now I can't download or install any new apps from the app catalog, but there doesn't seem to be any other issues with funtionality. In the token file there was a string of about 6 or 7 numbers. My daughter figured these numbers were unimportant, and that's why she deleted it. Does anyone with a Sprint Pixi know what the numbers are? Can I just recreate that file? Would someone like to buy a slightly used, very irritating teenage daughter?
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    I'm guessing it was your MSL (master subsidy lock) should be 6 digits but you need to get it from Sprint. Try telling them when you tried to use data is asked for your MSL
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    If I wanted that kind of headache....I'd buy an iPhone!!! LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    I'm really not thinking you're going to get any takers on the teenager, most of us have limits to our bravery!

    Have you tried running the WebOS Repair Utility? Quite a few posts here on the forums about it and that's exactly the type of thing it's made for, corrupt or missing files that need replacing.
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    wow...u knew what file was missing...u must have that phone memorized pretty good...or maybe she told you what she deleted...but I like the memorizing story better
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    Your girl rocks!
    Inquisitiveness is a sign of intelligence.
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    You just need to teach her, she should be "Backin' Up" before she messes with files.

    Backin' Up" Remix": "Backin' Up" Remix Video

    I hope one of the solutions works for you. If I had a Pixi, I'd try and track it down.
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    Does she do dishes at least?

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