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    I guess the title says it all. With the Verizon update, do you still have to patch or doctor to fix the fstab issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by govotsos View Post
    I guess the title says it all. With the Verizon update, do you still have to patch or doctor to fix the fstab issue?
    Has not been fixed as far as I'm aware. But you could always just easily find out for yourself and tell us.

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    I'm not looking for a smarta** answer. I have a Pre Plus, but since the update's been released on the Pixi Plus, I asked here so I know what to look forward to. A US Verizon respondent with experience with this issue would be helpful.
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    I actually can't say, as I'm on the pixi but as far as I know my data hasn't been saving in Raging Thunder so I'm assuming it hasn't been fixed.
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    No, the Fstab issue has not been fixed and WILL NOT be for ANY release of matter if it comes out tomorrow or in three years on Verizon.

    This is because Palm already released the Update to carriers. The delay for the release of 1.4.5 on Verizon has nothing to do with Palm whatsoever. It is no longer in their hands.

    Basically Verizon is just testing the update (apparently for 2 freaking months) before releasing it to their Palm customers.

    I personally think it is asinine for them to take this long, and they are hurting Palm's reputation.

    But, the 1.4.5 was released to Verizon at the exact same time as every other provider, but most other providers provided the update within a reasonable amount of time.

    For the FStab issue to be fixed for the OTA update to 1.4.5, Palm would need to re-submit a newer update to Verizon, like, or something.

    BUT, then Verizon would have to retest the update testing all over again, and you would be waiting all over again for Verizon to test and verify the update.

    So, if you guys get the 1.4.5 update, then no, it will still have the FStab error in it.

    If you get a newer update, then it will have been fixed.

    But if its the latter and not the former, expect to wait until October before you get it.
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    I think the 1.4.5 update is being held up for the Pre Plus due to Verizons interference with the GPS. I sure hope so. A lot of functions of the device are really crippled if you don't pay for VZ Navigator. At this rate, with talk of 2.0 by the end of the year, I'm starting to wonder if we will even get the 1.4.5 update at all on the Pre Plus. I hope 2.0 blows me away, cause lack of Docs to Go and Flash (when Android got it already) is really a downer. Google has no incentive to make their services work with dedicated apps on WebOS because they have Android. Seems Palm is just left out. Our only hope is if HP puts a serious investment into the platform at this point. It looks like they are but they really need to get moving if they want to compete. They started out in last place so it is hard to catch up. I love what WebOS has to offer but it has some gaps that need to be filled and we have been promised changes for awhile now that just don't seem to materialize.
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    Here's a way to self check for those that want to know:
    To check for the bug open a Terminal or Novaterm and issue this command 'cat /etc/fstab|grep internal'. You should get the following line:

    /dev/mapper/store-media /media/internal vfat utf8,shortname=mixed,umask=0000 0 0If your line do not have the 'umask=0000' statement then you need to fix this first.
    Thanks to Rod there is an app in the Testing feed that is doing it for you =>
    Hope that helps

    And if you are doing this from your phone in Internalz, in order to get the | or "pipe" I believe it is Orange + "."
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    Thanks all

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