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    It works. I used those commands to remove the web, and the app catalog.
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    I have a problem. Doing the codes below will NOT remove the App Catalog. When I hit return after the 3rd line of code, it displays on Terminal something like no app removed,nothing has been done. And indeed the App Catalog app is still visible and functioning.

    mount -o remount,rw /
    cd /usr/palm/applications
    ipkg remove com.palm.apps.findapps
    mount -o remount,ro /

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    There is no "s" after ".app"
    it is "ipkg remove"
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    This lack of parental controls is one of the reasons I'm not hot for a touchpad...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenTarkin View Post
    Another member on the forums told me how to do this pretty easily..
    here is the info he gave me:

    To use ifup/ifdown scripts like you normally would, add the following to the bottom of /etc/pmnetconfig/{if-up,if-down}:
    #goes into /etc/pmnetconfig/if-up:
    mount -o rw,remount /
    run-parts /etc/network/if-up.d
    mount -o ro,remount /

    #goes into /etc/pmnetconfig/if-down:
    mount -o rw,remount /
    run-parts /etc/network/if-down.d
    mount -o ro,remount /

    Now the script you have to create in the appropriate if-up.d location would have these contents:
    curl -m 20 -s --anyauth --retry 3 -u USERNAME:PASSWORD ""


    Now with the above setup, your phone will correctly send its ip updates to opendns servers.

    If your phone has wifi, you may have to figure out where to create a separate script for a different host at as well, since your phone has 2 internet interfaces if it has wifi.


    Now to setup delegate as stated above.
    You have to edit /etc/resolv.conf and basically only put one entry in there

    Download delegate from optware repository via command:
    ipkg-opt install delegate (it might be delegated)
    once installed.....
    I created this script:

    start on stopped finish

    exec /opt/sbin/delegated -P53 "SERVER=udprelay://" "SERVER=udprelay://" CONNECT=tcp OWNER="root/root"

    The above basically tells delegated to start once the phone has finished inializing after a reboot then the fun part is....
    Since all your DNS requests are going to your local interface via the entry in /etc/resolv.conf delegated interceps standard DNS requets on port 53...converts them to outbound port of 5353 tcp protocol and shoots them off the opendns servers =)

    The filtering is then done on opendns side in your account, you select the categories you want him to see and not see =)
    I'm trying to set this up on my phone, but I'm having trouble. Whenever I add the code to if-up/if-down, I get "unable to resolve host" whether I'm using wi-fi or Sprint. Any ideas on where I might be going wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by calesuar1 View Post
    Jeez, I can't believe I am the only parent concerned with this, and that there is no technical solution to it. I understand that for every action there is a reaction, so what, that has been life since inception. Do we continue to live in caves and throw arrows? I mean why cure Cancer, if some new bacteria or illness will be developed next? Since when knowing that some people will always find a way to override our best defenses prevented us from acting in the right direction, from finding better solutions, ever improving?

    I highly doubt my son would be able to circumvent any good application designed only to allow the websites you'd indicate with an ok by entering a correct password. The idea here is the same as when we lock are cars; most will be deterred by that simple act. That's what I am looking for. Sure there will hard core thiefs who will stop at nothing, but I am not concerned about that with my son. I am looking for a good deterrent, that's all.
    definitely not the only worried parent. Thank-you, and thanks to the folks who explain OpenDNS FamilyShield here. It is going on my boy's Pre2 tomorrow!

    Innocence is a precious thing to lose. In time, all boys will find what they look for; but there is no need to let some slobs rush them into it, with feelings they are not ready for. My 5th grader got links to naked Star Wars game figures from on-line mod forums that I thought would be safe. When I locked the computers down, it was mom's TouchPad that has the browsing history.... I think our whole family of webOS devices will get the OpenDNS Family Shield treatment!
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    - Missing webOS phones when I use my iPhone5 and iPad Mini. At least I have my TouchPad to web surf still! -
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    As I found out last night that my pre-teen got into some nasty links from Star Wars links, Verizon Wireless Pre-Pixi-Veer users do have FREE content filtering available. On the Verizon site, search for Parental Controls, and it will eventually lead you to them.

    2 "catches".
    1. You have to reboot the phones you filter. (I filtered mine and my son's)
    2. It only works for phone data connections. So you have to change your wifi password at home and not give it to your kids! (if they are smart enough to get it off their computers, this may not work so well). No wifi, no *orn.

    Does anyone else miss the good-ol-days of looking through mom and dad's National Geographics or art books? I would have never dreamed of the garbage that kids can stumble into now!
    - my webOS apps: Bishop Scores, EquiAnalgesia, EquiSteroidia, OB Tracker -
    - Missing webOS phones when I use my iPhone5 and iPad Mini. At least I have my TouchPad to web surf still! -
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