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    My last two mobiles were Blackberries, and I decided, solely to thumb in the face of the rest of the office, who blew $200 of company money a head to get iPhones, to get a Pixi Plus instead. (We're an AT&T shop; honestly I didn't like the Pre enough better to spend more).

    As an administrator, I get ~150 emails a day, since I need the spam filter off. On my blackberries, I chose small fonts and the one-line-per-message format put like 12 on a screen. The pixi shows about 6. Is there a way to change the mailbox format from

    Joe Smith 8/29/10
    Subject Line
    message text
    message text


    Subject Line 8/29/10

    or some other compact format?

    Also, can the Pixi do the 'wake on any key' which the Pre does? I dislike the power button's size and placement like many of you.

    Third, where can I get a cheap cable, since I'll need one at home and one at work. $20 seems an awful lot considering I just bought a non-popular MP3 player (Sandisk Fuze) and you can get a charger and cable for $5 for it. I expect the little seamless cover for the socket will be broken off in about a month.

    Finally, can I underclock? I heard mentions of Pre kernel swaps for it, and since I'd be using no more than three apps at any time (mail, phone, and browser or Google Maps), I'm eager to maximize battery life. It's funny that the phone gets hot under load, like a cheap laptop.
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    read up on this forum. There's a lot of customizing that you can do to get your phone exactly the way you want it, well almost. Do a search for "preware" and start customizing.

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