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    would this charge the pixi any faster?
    i have a touchstone in my car and an additional microUSB charger for my fiance's phone. could you use both chargers at once to charge faster?
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    I have not done it. That's a good idea. I wonder if it will mess up the battery.
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    ......does not sound like a good idea to me. You know lithium ion batteries really can explode right? Lol
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    yup that sure can i have a scar for proof....
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    I would "hope" the phone would ignore one or the other if it saw both...

    same way it ignores 3g if it is connected to wifi.

    once the OP gets back from the hospital burn unit, I hope he will post his experiences.
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    Probably won't cause any problems but it will definitely reduce the battery life.

    Lithium Polymer batteries usually like being charged in the 2 hour range. Dropping that to less than an hour will reduce the life significantly.
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    As I was reading this, I'm plugged into the wall charger, but my Touchstone is also plugged in and sitting right here, the answer is no! When I set it on the Touchstone, my Pre didn't do anything, no charge indicator for it, or anything.
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    That's how I blew up my house.
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    no, really.

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