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    Wondering if I can get some help here. Posted in a couple other places, but no replies yet. Currently have a dumb phone but I'm interested in buying the Pixi but I want to make sure it will stream the following stations, which I understand (from looking at the website on my PC) can be accessed through RadioTime:

    WXRV 92.5 - Boston
    WBCN 98.5 - Boston
    WBOS 92.9 - Boston
    WCLZ 98.9 - Portland, ME
    WBLM 102.9 - Portland, ME

    A friend of mine has a Pre and told me that RadioTime is a free app, and she tested one of the stations above (WXRV) and said it DID NOT work, for some reason. Don't know if she missed something or not...

    I've also read in some other threads that some stations work, and some don't.

    If anyone can test these for me please and let me know, that would be great!
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    WXRV 92.5 - Boston.. only one that doesn't work

    the rest do work
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    Thank you so much! But I wonder why that ONE doesn't work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sveren View Post
    Thank you so much! But I wonder why that ONE doesn't work?
    Answered in your other thread but WXRV 92.5 streams in Windows Media Audio over mms://. WebOS has no support for the Windows Media Audio codec nor the mms:// protocol. Until Palm or HP adds support for it, or The River changes their stream to either mp3 or aac/aac+, it won't be able to be supported by any audio/radio player in WebOS.


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    Doc, thanks so much. I just read your other post, and I understand better now. You can disregard my other question on the other thread. Well i guess getting those other stations is better than none!

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