Hi folks. I don't own a Palm device yet, but I really like the Pixi. One of the things I want to do with a smartphone is stream my fav radio station, which is WXRV in Boston (92.5 'The River').

The first hurdle: Because the WebOS doesn't have Flash, I can't simply go to the station's website and click on the "listen now" button...so there has to be another way.

The second hurdle: Making sure that WebOS has something to stream media over the web.

I've done some reading and have found that Radio Hibiki can do this.... and I found a link to my station on thestreamcenter.com, which I got to from Radio Hibiki's website under 'custom stations.'

I'd like to know if any Pixi users out there are doing this, and can test and see if they can get my station to play. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!!