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    Hey there guys, this is my first post on the forums. Today I noticed that only the right side of my keypad was lit. I noticed that pressing the Shift button (Up arrow on the lower left corner) caused it to light back up but it will flicker. It really annoying and will be a pain when i text during the dark. Any way I can fix it? I only had the phone since May of this year. Should sprint still cover it?
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    1 year warranty i think.
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    1 year sprint warranty?
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    I have this same exact problem. Can I bring it into the store to have the warranty cover it? What's the process of this?
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    for most stores within 30 days, then you call the manufacturer.
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    I would take it into a sprint store and just ask them if there is anything they can do. I've done this twice for different reasons and ended up with a refurb. It can't hurt to ask.

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