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    I was charging my palm pixi while listening to pandora and texting all of a sudden my screen went black and now my phone will not turn on.

    I've taken out the battery and waited a little while, put it back in and nothing....

    Does anyone have any insight as to this problem? What should I do?

    fyi I'm using sprint as a carrier.
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    Have you tried plugging it in to a charger without the battery?
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    If it doesn't come back on, take it to your nearest sprint store for repairs. Insist on a brand new phone... No refurbished.

    Good Luck.
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    Mine is the same, I posted a similar post and AT&T didn't want to exchange it at the store, but told me I had to wait untik 30 days from purchase to take it to a service repair center for them to have another ( replacement unit) shipped out to me.

    Pretty much mine is dead, everything else turns on exept the screen, it makes sounds, the KB lights up, but the screen just goes in bland/black. Good luck ok.
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    Have you tried plugging it in to a charger without the battery?
    will the pixi turn on and able to use it for mobile hotspot, messaging and making call?

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