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    Hey guys.

    I've had my Sprint Palm Pixi for a little while now and have tweaked it to the max. Enjoying everything fine so far, just had a small question...(if this query is in any other thread, I apologize, but I've searched a lot and haven't found anything)

    My question is- is there any Earpiece Volume Fix for the Pixi? I've read a few about the Pre (I think) and about the Treo having some fixes but I haven't found any for the Pixi. Just to clarify what I mean, I was wondering if there was any way to make the earpice volume for the Pixi go higher/louder (fyi I am not talking about the speakerphone speaker/MP3 playback speaker).

    I was thinking maybe there was a file that could be edited in the phone to make the volume go up higher than normal. Quite honestly speaking, the earpiece volume for the Pixi is fine, but I would love it to get a little louder. I travel through the subway and buses a LOT to commute to work and it would be amazing if there was a tweak to get it louder. I have messes with the internel options on the setting (TCOIL, etc) but nothing has really worked.

    Thanks again!
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    There's no fix for this that I know of, but I do experience low volume at times.

    This is due to me not holding the earpiece fully alligned with my ear..hole lol
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    yeah i know what u mean...i do that a lot...theres a small area on the phone where the noise is clear, but i was hoping there would be a tweak for that, like maybe editing the AUDIPARA file, if it even has one. i remember when i had the htc touch diamond, i did that and it worked. and i think theres one for the treo.

    i guess we ll see.
    thanks tho.

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