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    Does the Palm Pixi keyboard light up? I just can't figure it out; it seems to me that it should...yet, i can't find it in any menu or preferences settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    it should.
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    check in the "Screen and Lock" settings, turn it up to full brightness (Screen brightness is linked to the keyboard brightness). If you're still experiencing problems, pull the battery and reboot. If that fails, take it in to a sprint store and have them check it out. My Pixi has a similar problem where only the right half of the keypad lights up. I'm taking mine to a store tomorrow. Good luck and report your results.
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    Is anyone else's keypad backlight dead? I can't tell if it's because I press too hard when I type. Maybe I txt too often. :/
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    I believe that the Pixi keyboard does light up but if you tend to keep your screen's brightness low, the keyboard will remain quite dim. There is a Homebrew app called "Brightness Unlinked" which allows you to control the brightness of the keyboard independently of the screen's brightness. You might want to try it out.

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