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    Ive noticed recently that my Pixi does not store my internet history anymore. I looked all over for settings that could affect this but havent found one. Is anyone familiar with this, or am I just an ***** and there is some way to turn history on and off?

    Also, I want to learn more about how to make my Pixi faster, and I found a thread the other day that describes a bunch of different ways including kernel, govnah, compache or whatever its called as well as changing the log settings but I cant find it anymore. Does anyone have a link to a thread that describes all or most of this stuff? (the whole reason i cant find this thread again is because my pixi didnt store my history after i found it the first time...)

    Also looking for how to download preware. I searched it but didnt find a lot that lead me directly to it and Im not at all familiar with the lingo around here.
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