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    I hung up a phone call yesterday morning, then all of a sudden my phone said "offline" - actually, phone call, updated file manager & did a java restart, then it said "offline" No service for hours, then went to Sprint store. They just gave me a new one, said the radio was dead. I don't know if it was true - but this is the first time I have to use pre back up utiliy to restore & I have to install preware from scratch :-) I haven't done that in so long....oh, and the palm profile is not exactly OK, it gave me back apps I erased months ago, and none of the recent ones are on my new Pixi
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    You should be able to re-download the missing apps at no charge. If a charge is indicated, STOP and open a chat with Palm support.
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    Thanks, I think I was just *****ing...been a long two days with my phone, also found out my contacts were downloaded wrong - different names with different numbers, was on palm chat for an hour, finally had to erase, again, and start over. Then a patch malfunction, now a doctor, LOL. Then had to reupdate to 1.4.5 - wrong doctor...I hope I've done it right now - love the phone, hate the time!

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