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    Does anybody know what this is caused by? Mine does it once in a blue moon if i push on it right, but my girlfriends does it all the time. I've read other threads but it didnt say exactly what it was from. Is it because of how thin the phone is and something gets flexed and contacts? Or is something cracked? Just wondering if it gets worse if a new phone will do the same thing eventually or if taking it apart is something i have to do or what.
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    So, I have something funny to add to this thread. Just out of curiosity, i decided to check how tight the screws were. Both top ones were extremely loose, i applied almost no pressure at all and turned them a quarter turn or so, thats a lot for a phone that's supposed to be tight! The ringer switch doesn't do the on off thing anymore either. I checked the bottom ones under the palm stickers and those were pretty snug, i barely tightened them up. So i guess to everyone, if you have a torx driver set, check the screws and snug them down, but don't over tighten i don't know if they thread into a metal insert or just plastic.
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    My refurb done that. I sent it right back and got another one.
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    Mine never did it, got lucky I guess?
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    what size torx is it? i have the same problem.
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    Its either a 5 or 6, i forget.
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